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Las Vegas Valley Pool Services

We are a swimming pool maintenance, pool rehab, and pool repair service located in Centennial Hills, the Northwest part of Las Vegas, Nevada. Established in 2007 our mission is simple:  Be honest and straightforward with the customer. That’s how the owner has approached the business from day one and continues to this day. Referrals and repeat customers are a huge part of our business.

We have done a ton of pool work upwards to 1000 swimming pools for real estate investors flipping houses throughout the Las Vegas Valley. We work hard to deliver top quality workmanship and see the job starts on time and finishes on time. We show up when others don’t. We have the experience to revitalize your swimming pool!

Homeowners, Real Estate Investors, Realtors, and Property Managers are encouraged to call, email, or submit a request with the online form to setup a free pool consultation. Let’s get started.

Why Choose Us?

Experience:  18+ years experience in the swimming pool industry. We have drained, acid washed, and chlorine washed over 450 pools in the Las Vegas Valley since 2007 and most of them being acid washed. At one 5 year stretch we were rehabbing 150+ pool properties a year for multiple real estate investors.

Reliable and Dependable: Our #1 attribute. We show up when others don’t (many times this has happened). Being honest, reliable, and straight-forward with people is what we’re all about. All of our customers know we will show up or call.

Cost Effective:  Our prices are fair and competitive. We don’t nickel and dime you. Repairs are discounted for our weekly customers. The amount of time and cost of chemicals a homeowner spends after getting advice from an inexperienced salesperson at the pool store pales in comparison to the peace of mind knowing Las Vegas Valley Pool Services will show up and take care of your pool. 

Relaxing in your pool during a hot summer day, playing water sports with the kids, and inviting friends over for pool parties are just a few of the fun activities your pool provides each year. If you’ve already had your pool a few seasons, you know it’s important to maintain regular swimming pool service and keep up with the pool cleaning each year.

However, you might be making some mistakes that are aging your pool too fast and making it more likely you’ll require unexpected pool repairs. With the right care, your pool will last decades, but not if you make the following common mistakes.

Not running the pool pump enough

There’s no denying that a backyard swimming pool will increase the cost of your utilities, but there are a variety of ways to reduce your electricity and water costs when you have a pool. However, some pool owners take this idea a little too far and don’t run the swimming pool pump enough.

You might find that your pool is growing more algae than usual. Not running your swimming pool pump as a way to save money could actually result in an increase in the need for pool chemicals. Run your pump the right amount of time per day for a clean pool, and call Las Vegas Valley Pool Services if you find your pump isn’t cleaning the pool even when you run it.

Population in the pool is too high

Inviting the neighborhood kids over for the afternoon creates a fun and boisterous atmosphere in the backyard, but your pool probably can’t handle big pool parties every day. With each extra swimmer in your pool, you need to use more chemicals to keep the water balanced and clear.

If you’re enjoying your swimming pool with friends this season, consider letting your pool service know. He or she can help you get the level of chemicals in your pool at the correct level for optimum clarity. 

Improper use of chemicals

If your pool develops a chemical imbalance and you find you need to use an algaecide to clear the water, you’ll need to adjust your chlorine levels to compensate. A good rule of thumb is to increase the chlorine level prior to adding the algaecide so as to maintain enough chlorine post-application.

Pool care mistakes are common because they’re not immediately obvious to the average pool owner. You’ve budgeted the cost of your backyard pool, but don’t forget to budget time to learn about caring for it, too. Las Vegas Valley Pool Services can help you. Call or submit an online request for a free consultation.

  • Make sure your side gate and any gate to the pool is self-closing.
  • Protect children against access to pool or spa equipment. Turning a valve, touching electrical wires or a hot pool motor can cause serious injury or worse. Keep kids clear of the pool equipment.
  • Always turn off electrical circuits at the panel before repairing or servicing any pool equipment.
  • Always have a good working pressure gauge on your pool filter tank. Every pool system is different, so this is no standard reading for every pool system. High pressure is dangerous.
  • Check your pool equipment for air leaks. Air bubbles being discharged through the return fittings is a sign of air leaking into the system. Air accumulating in the filter system could cause serious injury or damage if not relieved properly. Leaks only get worse.
  • During high winds empty your skimmer baskets. A lot of stuff blows in pools including plastic bags, which can break a skimmer basket and cause blockage to the pool pump.
  • Be sure your actuator valves (directs the water where to go) is at the correct positions to get the optimal flow to and from the pool and spa.
  • Keep your pool filters maintained properly. Dirty pool filters can cause havoc and damage your pool system.

Our Services

We provide many Swimming Pool Services including Acid Washes, Weekly Maintenance, Chlorine Washes, Pool Draining, Green Pool Clean-Ups, One-Time Pool Cleaning, Pool Pump Repair, Filter Cleaning, Equipment Installs & Upgrades, Plumbing Repairs, and much more.

Acid Wash

We apply our own time-tested solution to the plaster to whiten or brighten the plaster and remove all stains that can be removed. We will do a light acid wash for maintaining the luster and brightness or a heavier acid wash for the stubborn stains. Some pools we do look new again. Rejuvenate your pool!

Chlorine Wash

Also known as Chlorine Bath or Chlorine Rinse. We drain your pool and sanitize entire pool surface removing all black, brown, yellow, and/or green algae. Whether a pool has been neglected and turned green or getting cloudy and green algae showing on the walls we have the experience to bring your pool back as clean as a whistle! 

View our gallery.

Weekly Pool Cleaning

We will visit your pool on a predetermined day once a week. Weekly maintenance may include testing the pool water, adding necessary chemicals to achieve ideal range, netting, skim top of water, brushing, vacuuming, empty skimmer and pump baskets, adjust equipment for proper operation and a visual inspection of your pool equipment.


We perform many pool repairs. Here’s a few: pool pump leaks, suction leaks, air leaks, pool motors, motor capacitors, motor wiring/hookup, filter tanks, diverter valves, pool plumbing, PVC pipe, re-plumb pool equipment, union fittings, pop-ups and pop-up modules, heaters, suction and pressure side vacuums, pool timers and automation, pool lights, spa lights, and many others. The Las Vegas Valley’s wicked heat is horrendous on O-rings and gaskets. Leaks only get worse.

Green Pool Clean-ups

Nasty green pools stand no chance with us. We are The Green Pool Clean-Up Experts. We’ve cleaned 100’s of green pools in the Las Vegas Valley. View our gallery to see a few of our before and after pictures. Fill out our online request form to inquire about our services.

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What Our Customers Are saying!

Bo has been taking care of my pool for just a few months, but during that time I have gotten to know him and I couldn't be happier. He is a caring, dedicated and punctual worker with a pleasant and very friendly attitude.
- Esther A.
I had some blue metal staining in my pool and I needed a acid wash. I contacted Bo and he came out gave me a quote. Bo took care of my pool and my needs. My staining is gone and he was very friendly. Great Experience!
- Brian D.
I had a lot of pool services that just didn't do the job. I found Bo and have been happy ever since. The pool is something that is no longer on my list of worries. He was told to do whatever was necessary to keep the pool healthy and beautiful and he has done just that. It's hard to find an honest man in L.V. but I found one. Trustworthy.
- Carolyn H.
Had done an acid wash on my 9 year old pool, that had never been done before. I talked with Bo who's the owner and the pool technician. And we discussed what should be expected and possible problems that could occur. I called on a Tuesday and met him at my house on a thursday, and agreed on a price which was a great price after calling a few other places. And he started draining pool that afternoon. On Friday the pool was drained and by the afternoon it was washed and cleaned and already filling back up, and completely finished with all the startup chemicals by Saturday afternoon. And the pool looked close to new again, it had quite a bit of calcium build up on the walls and the spa. Plus he also cleaned my filters which were due to be cleaned anyways. I was very satisfied with the service and would not hesitate to recommend or use them again.
- Jimmy C.
Bo has been cleaning my pool for 8 years now. He is on schedule and if something comes up or the weather is a problem he lets me know. If something is wrong with pool I get a text message right away so that it can be address and repairs made. He is one of the most honest people I have meet and a man of his word. Thanks Bo
- Denis D.
Letter of recommendation for Bo Swift of Las Vegas Valley Pool Services in Las Vegas, NV. We have been using Bo for many years and he is always on time and takes great care of our pool. He provides the chemicals and is always here when he says he will be. His prices are very reasonable, and we appreciate that he goes the extra mile to take care of our pool and the equipment. He has replaced our filter and our pump as they were very old and not working properly. I would recommend Bo to anyone who has a pool and wants to maintain it in good condition. Bo also loves our Dogs and our pups love him. They run to him for a pet and kisses every time he comes. Would not want anyone else maintaining our pool.
- Betty and John

Pool Clean-ups We Have Done